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Ultracomfort lift chairs
By: Cathy ~ 4/18/2018

Come in today and see why our Ultracomfort lift chairs are the benchmark of the industry. Our power lift recliners life begins with superior materials, innovative designs, unmatched craftsmanship and unique technologies. Our four distinct designer collections are built for the way you live, with your choice of accessories, luxurious standard fabrics and upgraded materials, in a variety of colors to match your decor. We are confident once you try an Ultracomfort America lift recliner, you'll agreed it is the most comfortable chair you've ever experienced. Each one of the Ultracomfor chair are created by experts in upholstery, furniture design and sewing and created positioning and electronics technologies so advanced, that today they hold numerous U.S. patents. It was and still is understood that every individual deserves a high quality piece of furniture, with a lifetime warranty behind it.

Also exculsive to Ultracomfort chairs are Ultracomfort patented StellarComfort collection where each chairs can move into the Trendelenburg position. Which is as easy by pressing the Zero Gravity button. Once the chair has moved into that position, then use the Back button to move the backrest down towards the floor. When the backrest stops moving, the chair is in the Trendelenburg position, many doctors recommends this position to help improve the circulation of the lower body and legs. But please do consult with your physician regarding using the Trendelenburg position. Hope to see you all soon in our store.

Ultra Comfort Power Lift Chairs
By: Cathy ~ 2/13/2018

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Ultra Comfort Power Lift Chair